So, What Will it Take…

by Average D.

… to motivate change?

I’m not one of those super passionate guys when it comes to fitness and weight loss. Many people ask me what motivates me and how I make it to the gym so consistently. There is no easy answer, but I know that it took me getting totally out of shape before becoming serious about my health. Some people are already at this level, but still struggle to make that lasting change in the right direction.

Going hard for 2 weeks is easy to do. But you have to find something that will keep you engaged and motivated beyond that point. I think it’s like everything else, if you don’t see results immediately then we just give up. I see this with business ideas, personal projects and definitely with fitness goals.

You need to make the change personal. Spend some time and look at yourself  in the mirror. Take a good long look and honestly ask yourself if you’re happy. If you are, keep it up and pass on your advice to your secrets of success. If you aren’t happy then make sure you let yourself know that.

Don’t get me wrong here. Don’t go into a depression about it, but let it drive you to see a change in the future. It as about more than looks, but I think looks are the driving force behind people that keep in shape. I do it mostly for the women. I cannot tell a lie.

So, what’s your motivation or what has been your motivation in the past? I would like to hear some thoughts on this matter.


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