Nutrition: The Basics

by Average D.

You are what you eat, dude

A bunch of bull! Not really. To be honest, food was the biggest stumbling block for me and I’m sure it is for many other dudes too. There are many special diets and most do achieve results, but those results usually don’t  last. The reason is that a special diet is different than your own personal diet. You need to stop trying out special diets and change your personal diet for the better.

3 steps that every fat dude needs to make:

  • watch your caloric intake
  • watch your fat intake
  • watch your carb intake

Most medical professionals will tell you to just monitor calories and everything will fall into place. That’s simple advice but it’s damn hard to do. I personally think it’s a harder way to start the weight loss process. But, if you can manage to do this you will lose weight.

Fat contains a lot of calories. So, cutting calories will likely cut fat from your diet as well. You do need certain fats for energy but you’re likely not to use all the fat you consume in one day. Unless you’re like me and have sex 3-5 times a day with 3-5 different women. It’s hard work.

Watching your carbs (carbohydrates) means lowering the amount and changing the types of carbohydrates you take in. Switch from anything white to whole wheat. After a while you’ll get used to the taste. Drink less sodas, beers, and artificial juices. Eat less sweets, breads, and potatoes as well.

You can see that the three go hand in hand. Just start off right now by reading the labels of everything you eat and get a picture of how much of each of the three you consume in a day.


Seriously. Keep a log for a full week of what you eat and drink. Every meal snack, and beverage. Take a look at it and analyze it. See how you stack up.

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