Weights: The Basics

by Average D.

Find a way

As I said before, weight training was essential to my success. I do love pumping iron, but weather you do or not, you should do it. There is no excuse not to do some type of weight training. Like I said, gym is not required.

Create a schedule

So weather you can start off with just using you own body weight, you own weight set at home, or you have access to a fitness center, you should set up a schedule. A good place to start is a 3 day schedule.

A 3 day/week schedule with at least one rest day in between workout days is ideal for beginners. A Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule is a pretty good setup.

Another option is to set up a contiuous 3-4 day/week schedule. You start of with the same Mon, Wed, Fri schedule and just keep it going. You skip Sat and pick it back up on Sun and continue on to Tues, Thur, Sat. The next week you’d be back on your M,W,F schedule and repeat.

Stay focused

If you have a structured workout plan and complete your workouts with much focus and little rest, you will see result. Don’t go to hang out and socialize. Get in there and get it done, dude. I can’t stress it enough. Work on 2-3 body parts a session 3 times a week and reap the rewards of your hard work.

Sample 3 day work-out split

Day 1 – chest and triceps.
Day 2 – back and biceps
Day 3 – legs and shoulders

Note: You don’t have to take a day off between work-outs. Do whatever fits your schedule. As long as you don’t work out the same body parts back to back then you should be fine. You also want to avoid burn-out, which is common among people that are eager to loose weight or get big.

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