Who ya callin’ average, dude?

You, me, and that dude over there holdin’ the beer.

By “average” I don’t mean that we are average in life. Your life might be friggin’ awesome! I just mean that we don’t depend on our bodies or our health to make a living.

We are not: pro athletes, models, sex symbols, or male strippers.
The point is we don’t get paid to look sexy or play sports. It’s harder for people like us to keep it together because we don’t depend on being in shape to put food on the table.

Dudes that may benefit from the information here:

  • 20’s to mid 40’s & out of shape: For many, those are the not-so wonder years. Younger dudes may also benefit, but older guys might want to consider going to a professional. We may get a little extreme.
  • Busy schedules with little free time: You may work full-time, have a wife, have kids, have a girlfriend, have a mistress, subscribe to the premium cable package with every sports channel, have an incurable addiction to internet porn. All these things take up your time, but start making time for your health.
  • Lack of motivation and energy: If you don’t have a specific reason  to look good (wedding, reunion, hot date, etc.), then you don’t give it much thought. Being here should be your new motivation and spark of energy. Getting and staying motivated is hard but not as hard as you may think.

Average Dudes Unite!

If you fall into any of the categories above and you want to do something about it then, welcome. Take a look around the site, get your mind right, and START!