The dude behind Average Dude Fitness

Hey what’s up dudes? My name is Average D. Like, I’ve said in my disclaimer, I am not a certified anything. I am just an average dude that was overweight in the past and tries to maintain his health regularly.

My current weight hovers between 190-200 lbs. I know that may sound like a bit much, but I do lift weights frequently and heavily, because I enjoy it. But, I do not focus on my weight as much as I do on how I look and feel. I am not a body builder and I not a fitness model. I’m just an average dude like you.

My story


I was a pretty active teen. Played basketball, football, lifted weights and also jogged regularly. I had the motivation to be fit. I was an athlete. And chicks dug athletes. By the time I graduated high school I was roughly 170 lbs. and in excellent overall shape.

When I went to college I wanted to play on the football team, but the position I was going for was slightly out of my reach. I was too small. The coach told me that I needed to weigh at least 210 lbs. if i wanted a shot at playing my desired position. Remember, I was only 170 lbs!

So I told myself I’d make it happen. I was only about 5′ 9″-10″ (about 176 cm), so that was a pretty lofty goal. I had to gain 40 lbs. healthily in one year. The first thing I did was hit the gym — HARD!

I began to eat bigger meals, exercise heavily, and jogged frequently to make sure my weight gain did not come from fat. At the end of my freshman year I was 210 lbs. on the dot. No steroids or supplements. Just hard work and dedication.

Party animal

Right now you’re probably thinking: “Ok, great. how is your story similar to mine?” Well, after I came back to school the following year I had a new interest. Fraternities. I ended up getting completely distracted from football and instead joined a fraternity. And boy was it fun!

Parties, cook-outs, keggers, all-nighters. It was awesome, dude. But after a year or so my 210 lb. hard body turned into a 220 lb. not-so-hard body. And before I knew it I was at a whopping 240 lbs. I was FAT.

The turn-around

One day after seeing myself in pictures of my brother’s wedding, I realized how huge I had become. Even my spiffy tuxedo couldn’t hide it. That’s when I decided that I had to make a change. But before I could begin I had to get my mind right.

I had given diets a shot before. They hardly worked. The reason why they didn’t work is because I was just trying them out. I had to completely change my whole life style (for the better) to see a lasting change.

How I did it

The three main things I focused on were (in order of importance): food, weights, and cardio. Once I started paying attention to those things, I began to see positive changes in my body.

I may have taken some drastic measures that some might not want to take, but I saw them as necessary to my overall success. No, I didn’t take steroid or get liposuction. I will put everything that I did to get me back in shape here on this website for anyone to see.

Since then

Friends, family, and strangers have taken note of my transformation. I became an inspiration to those that were struggling with weight problems. People constantly asked me for advice on how to loose weight, gain muscle, and eat right. And I loved helping them reach their goals.

I’ve developed work-out plans and meal plans that I used for myself and have seen result as I passed them along to other folks. Just as they worked for me I saw that they worked for others as well.

While I enjoy working with people personally, I thought it would be more effective to just put it all in one place where I can just direct them to it.  A place where they can view it at their convenience.

You don’t have to know me to benefit from this information. We don’t have to be friends. I’m just putting it out there and you can do with it what you will.

Feed back

If my advice works for you, feel free to let me know. Send me an email on your results and your experience. Leave a comment after a post if you plan to use that information.

Just don’t waste you time sending me and email telling me that you’re suing me because you hurt yourself or anything like that. If you are that person, then this information is not for you.