Weight training for the average dude

I found weight training to be crucial to my success. I’ve been a long-time fan of the activity, and recommend it to anyone. Weather you like it or not it will help you to loose weight more quickly. It is said that weight training can be more effective in weight loss than cardiovascular exercise. Don’t remember exactly where I heard that, but I can believe it.

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Note: Weight training does not have to be done in a gym, but it’s probably one of the best places because of the variety it offers. You can also train at home with purchased weights or use your own body weight for many exercises.

Cardio for the average dude

Cardio is boring. Some days (meaning today) I would rather poke out my eyes rather than take a damn jog. Cardio sucks, but it can be made fun and interesting. The more you have at your disposal the less likely you are to get bored.

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Note:Gyms offer the most variety which is what you need to stick with a good cardio plan. But the first thing you need is the plan itself. If you cant get into a gym regularly or not at all, still make the time for cario exercise.

Alternative exercises for average dudes

It’s good to change it up sometimes. Weight training and cardio are not the only form of exercises out there. I have explored several alternative forms of exercise and encourage you to do the same. You might end up falling into a new healthy hobby.

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Note: We’re open to learning about new alternative exercises, so feel free to recommend some to us. just refrain from referring anything like ballet, figure skating, or basket-weaving.