Top 4 Supplements for Average Dudes

by Average D.

My fellow Average Dudes, here is a list of supplements you should be taking for your health. Some are just plain smart to take and some will help you in your weight loss or muscle building efforts.

There are many products available and a great deal of those products do work, but many don’t either. As you try out various supplements you may find that some are essential for you, but that list can grow pretty quickly if you don’t watch out. I think there are 4 basic ones we should take and here they are.

1. Multi-vitamin

Many of us simply do not consume all of the vitamins that our bodies need each day. A good multi-vitamin will cover these bases for you. If you plan on working out, which you are, you should not settle for a cheap generic one. Go for something geared to active adults. But, if cost is a huge issue, jut get the cheapo brand. It’s better than nothing .

2. Fish oil

It has been said to have many benefits ranging from lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and chances of stroke. Fish oil has personally lowered my blood pressure and seems to help with weight loss. I prefer the capsules because this stuff tastes damn awful by the spoonful.

3. Protein powder

This is a must have supplement for any dude working out. I helps you build muscle and makes it easier to meet your protein requirements. Higher protein and lower carb diets is the main focus of this site and my philosophy. Whey proteins are a good place to start but there are much more to chose from depending on your desired goals.

4. Fat burner

There must be thousands out there. They promise all types of crazy results. The truth is a fat burner with a proper diet and exercise will help you get fitter faster. You can definitely do it without them, but if you are focused and not just playing around, throw in a fat burner to boost result and confidence.


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