Lower Your Carbs:

by Average D.

Controlling Your Carbohydrate Intake

I’m sure you’ve all heard of low-carb diets. It has been hyped for years now and it has its share of advocates and opposers. I’m a low-carb diet advocate.Let me explain: When I say low-carb diet, I don’t mean just a temporary diet. I am referring to your actual diet; what you eat on a regular basis. If you are overweight, chances are that you are eating too many carbohydrates.

Why I prefer the low-carb diet?
Is is so much easier to monitor than any other food monitoring system. We consume carbs in relatively low numbers compared to calories. The average person consumes carbs in the range of a few hundred as opposed to calories which go in the thousands. So, it’s much easier to count carbs.

I think dudes especially can benefit from a low-carb diet because it allows us to eat alot of the things we already do. You can eat as much meat as you want! I don’t know about you dude, but I am a carnivorous beast. Sure, you’ll miss you breads and your pastas, but you won’t miss that flabby gut once it’s gone.

What are carbs anyways?
Carbohydrates are what your body uses for energy. Everyone needs carbs to function and live. So, I know you’re asking; if you need carbs, why would you cut them? Well, many people eat more carbs then they ever will use for energy and what is not used is stored as fat.

So, cutting carbs will decrease the chance of you storing away extra as fat. Also, when your body has no carbohydrates to call on for energy it will use fat – your body fat. So cutting carbs can prevent you from gaining weight as well as help you lose some of that fat you’re carrying.

Where are carbs and how can avoid these bad boys?
Carbs are in many foods and become easy to spot once you pay attention. They are in breads, pastas, rice, potatoes, fruits, and anything with sugar. Eating more whole wheat and whole grain products as well as fruit are a much better way to meet your carbohydrate requirements.

Stay away from candies, pastries, sodas, fake juices and white bread and pastas. You can eat them in moderation, but once you see what cutting these out can do for your body, you might nix them all together.

So, what’s the down side?
Well, low-carb diets allow you to eat as much meat and even fats as you want without gaining weight. You actually lose weight rather quickly. But if you maintain this diet too long without thinking about the side effects of some of the things you eat then you may be setting yourself up for a big failure… DEATH (I know, dramatic, but true)

Eating excessive fatty foods are bad for your health. It may not affect your ├é┬áimmediate appearance but it’s causing major damage inside your body. Like any other healthy diet, find a good balance when employing a low-carb diet. Eat lean meats and cut back on the high cholesterol and high fat foods.

Don’t over do it !
You can drastically cut your carbs to lose excessive weight for a short period, but over time you should ramp it back up slowly with higher quality carbs, such as whole wheat products. You do need carbs for energy so don’t cut yourself too short.

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