Easy Lower-Carb Strategy:

by Average D.

fast fat loss & long term sustainability

Starting a lower-carb lifestyle

It can be a little difficult at first. The rules are pretty simple, but the restrictions seem enormous. I have found an effective way to ween you off those bad carbs, transition into a very low-carbs phase, and eventually level back out to a more normal level of clean carb intake.

In about 4-6 weeks you can lose a great deal of excess fat if you can focus and stick with this plan that I have used myself. I have also seen this plan work for other dudes with awesome results many time. But, you must stick with it pretty strictly. If you cheat it’ll show. Actually it won’t show at all cause you’ll look just the same as when you started.

Week 1: Cut carbs in half

Whatever carbs you are used to eating now, cut it right in half. If you buy a sub for lunch order a half sub with double meat instead. If you’re eating spaghetti for dinner, less pasta and more toppings. This will get your body used to the change so that when you cut back further the next week it won’t be too hard on you.

Week 2 & 3: Extreme low-carb (do at your own risk)

These two weeks are crucial. This is where the magic happens. And trust me it works just like magic. You will need to limit your daily carb intake to 40 grams or lower. I personally achieved 25 grams a day and the results were amazing.

It is important that you do this for 14 days straight. Don’t give up and quit in between. Don’t stop just cause you’re loosing a few pounds. Go the full 14 days!

You need to rid your body of excess carbs which will cause your body to use body fat for energy. There is a scientific explanation behind this, but I won’t go into that here. All i know is that if you do this for 14 days then you will also be a believer. It is that easy.

NOTE: Don’t think that you can start to pig out again and use this technique to bail you out every time. It’s not the healthiest strategy, but it is effective in jump starting you weight loss journey in the beginning. Use it wisely

Week 4: Throw in a cheat day

Once yo make it this far, you should maintain the same eating habits for this week, but at the end of the week have a pig-out cheat day. Eat whatever you want. I think a lazy Sunday is best for this.

The crazy thing is that the next day when you wake up, you will actually feel thinner. Don’t be fooled by this and think that every time you eat junk you’ll get thinner from now on. But, when you throw in a cheat day every now and then, it does have this affect on your body.

Week 5: Back to life

In week five you can start living a little normal again. You can start eating a variety of good carbs again. By this time you are used to staying away from carbs so it won’t be hard to keep away from the bad ones: white bread, white pasta, rice and sugar.

Start eating whole wheat products, but maintain a good balance. I would still eat about half the carb that you were used to before you started. You can gauge the way your body reacts to what you eat and adjust accordingly. If you see that you are gaining weight again, then you need to slow down and reassess your eating habits.

Sustaining your new diet

From this point forward you should just keep an eye on what you eat. You will have the mind frame and the eye for it. This diet can fail if you go back to your old ways. There are many ways you can realistically maintain this new lifestyle of eating while staying and feeling healthy. Don’t abuse it and don’t abuse yourself.

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