14 Days Of Focus: New Habits

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The New Habit Rule

I’m sure by now you’ve heard that it takes between 21 and 28 days to form new  habits. It’s something that almost every self-help coach or book claims it takes to make a change in your old habits.

I believe this to be true because I’ve tried it out myself. If you can make it that long you can usually build a routine around your new habit. But 21 to 28 days are pretty long and some people can’t make it that far. So here is a way to help you make it all the way.

Focus is key

I came up with the 14 Days of  Focus when I was in a bit of a rut and needed to change some things in my life. I had just started a new job, moved to a new city, and I completely abandoned my whole routine. Eating habits, work-out habits, and sleeping habits all took a hit. So I had to regroup and get focused. I came up with four easy steps you can take over the course of 14 days (two weeks), to get back on track.

First Step: Recognize the problem

This is a fitness site so, that’s what we’ll talk about. What do you need to change? Do you need to exercise more? Do you eat too much junk? Are you distracted by too many things? Here’s the solution to all those problems: FOCUS!

Second Step: Say it Out Loud

Tell yourself, your friends, and your family what your plans and goals are. Tell them you will need the next 14 days to be free of unnecessary interruptions and temptations. Tell them that this is what you need and that you would love their support. Then… START!

Third Step: Identify Dos and Don’ts

Morning exercise is great. Do it! Going to bed earlier makes this easier. Do it! Over eating makes you tired and lazy. Don’t do it! Watching too much television robs hours from your day. Don’t do it!

You get the picture. You’re not a little child so stop acting like one. But, if you are a little child I welcome you to my site and commend you on your initiatives to improve your health at such a young age.

Fourth Step: Take Action

Declare today, the day you start. It’s that simple. I know you’d want to start on a Monday or Sunday, but don’t wait. If today is Tuesday, start today. If you put it off, you risk losing the motivation all together.

Come up with a schedule that you will not shift (within reason) for anyone or anything and stick with it.

The First Week

It’s usually the easiest. Your still excited and driven. You picture your new self in your head. You look good! Chicks dig you and your friends envy you. This is the period that’s usually the easiest, but if you lack the motivation it can also be the hardest.

The Second Week

So, during week one you had all those thoughts of you looking goo in your head. You just can’t wait to meet you new self. Well, those feelings begin to fade. The first week was easy, but it’s not as easy to stay motivated. You don’t see any real results yet, and that is only realistic. It takes time. But then you start to have doubt.  Who are you kidding? You’ll never get back in shape.

Don’t let this happen to you at this point. Just tell yourself “one more week!” The second week is very crucial to your success and will set the tone for how the following week will start and finish. Get your mind right and get it done!

Stay focused and disciplined!

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