To eat or not to eat?

by Average D.

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That is the question

And, no I’m not talking about weather to eat steak or not. That’s a stupid question. Of course you should eat steak and any other red meat you can get your hands on. The question I am asking is, when to  eat or not to eat?

What’s your eating schedule like? Do you starve yourself when you want to loose some weight. Well, that strategy may back-fire on you. I used to think this way my self until I tried it and realized that it doesn’t work. Either you will get really hungry and end up over-eating later or you will stick with it and not see any results.

Why is that? Well, when there is a drastic change in your diet, such as a sharp decrease in food intake, you body gets scared. It actually thinks that you may be in danger of starving in the near future and it will start storing away fat for energy. This is what your body does if you’re stranded on an island to keep you alive longer.

So needless to say, the starving strategy will not help you much. Especially not when you first start it. Your best bet is to decrease the amount of food you eat gradually. take it down a notch every day and every week, until you reach a reasonable level.

If you’re fat, chances are that you are over-eating at most meals right now, so almost any dude in this category can benefit from this advice.

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